Counselling – Frequently Asked Questions

Counselling – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I know if I need counselling?

It maybe that you have a crisis or are being encouraged by a GP, family or friends. Talking therapy helps you to gain clarity, change outdated patterns of thinking and behaviours or start a journey of desired self development.

Q. What happens in a counselling session?

Your counsellor will be highly trained in listening and will provide a safe confidential environment where you can explore your issues. You as the client will lead the way because it is your session and your dilemmas, feelings, thoughts, regrets and dreams.

Q. How long should I expect to continue counselling?

The initial recommended sessions are six. This is dependent on unique circumstances and requirements. The counsellor will frequently review and check in with you and how you feel.

Q. Why do I have to provide GP information?

Counsellors request GP information in the unlikely event you have a medical emergency while attending therapy.

Q. How do I prepare for my initial session?

There is no need to do any formal preparation, but some people like to bring notes to help them remember or focus.