Binge Eating and Drinking – A Case Study

Binge Eating & Drinking?

Binge eating

This client, let’s call her Hilda, had a problem with binge-eating & drinking. She was sceptical to start with but ended up giving this great review online.


“I would highly recommend both Lynn & Hypnotherapy. Although hopeful, I had my doubts & reservations. I had spent considerable time researching the concept of hypnosis but I didn’t believe it could be so effective.

After my initial consultation, Lynn was confident & I felt assured that she could help me with my binge eating & drinking habits which had progressively worsened during lockdowns.”

No Pressure

“I didn’t feel at all pressured to proceed. Across my two sessions I felt comfortable and at ease. Lynn has the most friendly, calm & patient demeanour. In my first session Lynn allowed me to ‘self source’ the issue. With her guided assistance I was able to come to a realisation as to why I had developed these bad habits indulging in both food & alcohol.

I went away knowing the emotional reason behind my problem. Something I had never even thought about before. I was instantly more mindful and aware of these feelings. “

Second Session

“In my second session, Lynn helped me tackle the habit itself. Under her direction I was even able to reveal my subconscious thoughts in such situations. I can already see a positive shift in my behaviour and way of thinking. I hope to see continuous improvement as I practice this change of mind-set.”


If so, please get in touch with me for a chat &, perhaps, to arrange for your initial consultation free of charge! I look forward to hearing from you.


If you are a smoker you might be interested in this case study, she is still not smoking months after her treatment with me.