HypnogastricBand ©

Scary weight on scales? Get a HypnogastricBand ©
The HypnogastricBand is a revolutionary new concept engulfing the weight loss world.
It is a step by step process that will bring you to the weight you so desire without dieting… no restrictions, no three meals a day, no drinking at certain times and NO DIFFICULTY.

The original gastric band is an adjustable band that is placed around the top portion of the stomach  via keyhole surgery in order to treat obesity. The surgery is a drastic step and carries the usual pain and risks of major surgery.

With the HYPNOGASTRICBAND © you can have results without the risk and astronomical cost of major surgery.  The whole process takes 5 sessions.  During the sessions we aim to get to the root cause of any emotional issues connected to eating patterns or dieting.  By releasing any unwanted negative emotions, we can then build on your motivation, morale and confidence.  The fourth session is your consultation at the clinic and the fifth session is your ‘operation’, your unconscious mind will then believe that the gastric band has been fitted.  If required, but rarely needed, there is a free 6th session to do any adjusting.  The HypnoGastricband is an ongoing life changing experience.

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